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Tour Through Italy with Our Team

The next few posts will feature a few highlights from our team while they are hard at work in Italy! Our culinary expedition to visit Nicoletta in Cortona via Roma. Cappuccino at Zi Elena in the Testaccio district, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Rome. Home of the first market and port for receiving food…

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What Made Sunday Dinner Special?

Nicoletta’s Table is bringing back the Sunday Dinner experience. Continuing this week, we’re offering our own Italian dinner for your family to prepare and share together. When you place your order by Wednesday, we will have your dinner bundled and ready to pick up on Saturday, and you’ll be all set to start your own Sunday Dinner tradition with family and friends. Please…

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Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner?

Whatever made it special for you, Nicoletta’s Table is trying to bring back that Sunday Dinner experience. Starting next week, we’ll be sharing some of your fond memories, and offering our own Italian dinner for your family to prepare and share together. The dinner will come as a complete meal including the main course, salad,…

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