Olive Oil, Nature's Perfection

If there was ever a tried and true natural product that has stood the test of time, it would be olive oil. There is evidence to suggest that olives have been cultivated as far back as 5000 B.C. The olive tree does not start producing olives for 8 years, and even then the olives can’t be used. It’s not until the age of at least 15 years that a worthwhile crop is produced. Olive trees, once established, are very hardy, resistant to drought and disease and can live a very long life, some more than 2000 years old. Olive oil has traditionally been used for cooking, in medicine, and in religious ceremonies as an anointment, but a quick search of the internet will reveal dozens and dozens of modern day uses from freeing up stuck zippers, as a leather conditioner, furniture polish, hair conditioner, skin moisturizer, makeup remover, easing a sore throat, or to use as a natural remedy for an earache. Of course, the very best extra virgin olive oils would feel more than a little ill-used if put to work softening up your baseball mitt or saddle. Save the extra virgin and nuovo olio to serve at your table for dipping or a finishing oil on fresh pasta or a salad. Perfection in a bottle!